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About Us

Welcome to True Care Homecare, a military family-owned business, also known as PATRICKXAVIERPT LLC, founded in March 2012 by Mr. Patrick Xavier Matibag. As an entrepreneur, pilot, and dedicated US Army member, Patrick brings unmatched expertise to our company.

Certified as a senior fitness specialist and home health aide, Patrick’s qualifications reflect his commitment to providing exceptional care. His service under Operation Allies Welcome during the Afghanistan Fallout earned him the prestigious Army Achievement medal.

In the heart of Los Angeles, Patrick and Denise became renowned home health aides, prompting the expansion of their compassionate services. Our guiding principle, “People first before profit,” ensures that each individual is paired with a caregiver whose qualities align with their needs.

True Care Homecare thrives on Patrick’s unwavering dedication and expertise, making us the ultimate choice for exceptional home care services. Our commitment to compassion, integrity, and putting “People first before profit” sets us apart.

People First Before Profit ... Your Needs Are Our Priority

True Care Homecare

True Care Homecare: Your Trusted Partner in Health and Comfort

In the realm of healthcare, trust is the cornerstone upon which all relationships are built. When it comes to the well-being of our loved ones, there is no compromise. This is precisely where True Care Homecare emerges as the foremost choice in Los Angeles, a name that resonates with excellence, compassion, and unwavering commitment. As the preferred partner of esteemed doctors from renowned institutions such as Cedars Sinai, UCLA, City of Hope (Cancer of Hope), and St. John’s, True Care Homecare has established itself as a beacon of reliability and care in the world of home-based healthcare services.

At the heart of True Care Homecare’s mission lies the core principle of trust. This trust has been fostered through years of dedicated service and an unyielding focus on delivering the highest quality care to patients who require it the most. When doctors from institutions as esteemed as Cedars Sinai, UCLA, City of Hope, and St. John’s place their trust in True Care Homecare in Los Angeles, it speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to excellence and its unassailable reputation in the medical community.

Chosen ally of esteemed doctors hailing from prestigious institutions.

Where YOU Matter.

True Care Homecare prioritizes the well-being and interests of our clients over maximizing our own profits.